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The Hermitage : The history of this name is the erection of the present castle on the foundations of an ancient fortress of the Middle Ages. The stronghold of Combas seat of a priory in the XIVth century, belonged in the year 1694 at Charles de Montagut, Lord of Combas; was still de Montagut (Charles Alphonse de Montagut, 1704 and Catherine Levati of his widow, in 1742), until 11 June 1749. Date on which it was purchased by Jean-François Daydé. Sold to Antoine Roussel Hyacinthe, then he went into the family of Mr de Servian Barrès, 24 July 1813. There remained not long since Balme Etienne and Etienne Laure de Murviel buyers are on 2 March 1826.

Finally, on 22 December they sold to the Marquis de Thézan-Saint-Géniès. The Marquis de Thézan-Saint-Géniès and the Marquise, born to Bourdeille de Matha, made large-scale development projects in the field of Combas of 75 ha. Thanks to him we have the relationship of the restoration business : "We therefore use the existing walls extending from outside the farm buildings in order to reach the enclosure which served as solid frame construction news. The towers were reported, a large staircase and built the chapel. On the first floor, large rooms were scheduled to receive the tables, furniture, memories of family removed from the castles of Saint-GENIES and Corneilhan".

He also created the scenery for the new castle : "The Marquise de Saint-Géniès, talented and has a very enlightened, tracks and was crashing the French garden stretching to the north side, whose trees, today centenial, producing a beautiful decorative effect. A dam was established to stop the waters of the stream of Saint-Michel and Combas, her bed was extended in his party on the park, forming a sort of lake, the land used to undulating from some perspectives. "

It is thus an interesting example of early restoration of an ancient castle that has not completely satisfy the "Wine Generation" later. Indeed, the last marquis de Saint-Thézan-GENIES added a steeple and a tower recognizing nostalgically: "We had the space, also outside it was too often sacrificed to the interior," In fact, its forefathers knew that their interest remains to be furniture, portraits and archives Thézan-Saint-GENIES who made The Hermitage a memory about the history of our country since the Middle Ages.

The Saint-GENIES did the eighteenth century, a daughter, wife of a Baron de Maussac (lords of Corneilhan), Louis XV erected in 1750 in favor of the latter, the Marquis de Saint-GENIES including including the lands of this name and Corneilhan. The second went home with our valuable information we have seen the marriage, in 1896, with Mandeville, in general, his father then giving this area of 52ha estimated 200 000F. He died in 1943 after having instituted heir to his cousin, the duc de Lévis-Mirepoix, the French Academy. In 1963, he sold the Hermitage, now the area belongs to the family Alexandre Rech.

Château Hermitage de Combas

Alexandre and Fabienne RECH, landowners.

Ermitage de Combas
34290 Servian

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